Women Entrepreneurship

RVLF was founded by Rohini Vaishnavi, a corporate executive turned social entrepreneur, who has been working for the last 25 years. She founded RVLF in the year 2019 to provide necessary skills and know-how as well as counselling to women which would make them financially independent . Rohini is a mother and she has experienced the challenges that women go through on the way to pursuing a career. She drew inspiration from the struggle that she went through and from her realization that the country was unable to make talented and educated people ( women), a part of the economic growth, which led her towards social entrepreneurship. The company has trained about 2000 people from year 2019 onwards and counselled and supported up to 500 women entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs.

  • We handhold women to unearth their capabilities and upgrade their existing skills .
  • Our networking platforms bring them closer to investors and like-minded people to grow their business.
  • Our knowledge resources  enhance their awareness about all aspects of starting or nurturing a business or else about finding new sources of  earning an income.
  • We help women to overcome any kind of emotional and social challenges to re- establish their faith and confidence in themselves.

We create a community of women who support each other by sharing their experiences and skills and promote each other’s businesses.

Our skill development programs will equip the members with skills in Marketing, sales, entrepreneurship, computers and many more. Additionally, they will gain confidence through our workshops on self-development. 

We also offer individual one to one counselling to the members.

Members will get an opportunity to speak up and share their own experiences in a closed group that includes other women members.

Members will be offered the opportunity to promote their products and services via online-live sessions on the social media page of R V Learning Foundation.

Members will get the opportunity to interact with our expert speakers from various walks of life during their talks, which we will organize from time to time.

We will send our Newsletter to the members which will update them about the latest about entrepreneurship, business opportunities, funding options and various government initiatives for promoting women entrepreneurs.

Our Mentors
Sonia Bakshi Founder Dance to Fitness
Nidhi K M Founder Viharin.com
CChaya Goyal Founder Vaastu Devayah Namah
Abhinav Soti Founder Glintz
Sushant Kalra Founder Parwarish Institute of Parenting
Entrepreneurship meets : 2019 – 20

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