Employability Skills


Employability skills for 21st Century

Are you “VUCA” ready ?

Careers demand individuals to be capable of thriving in an environment of Volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity ( VUCA ). “Industry Next” is a program that prepares youngsters for the VUCA challenge of 21st century. Through our programs we simulate challenges and problems that focus on real-world scenarios and give students a chance to understand the world they are entering and be prepared for it before they are thrown in headfirst.

Managing Self

Passing an academic exam is good and a pre-requisite for a career ahead, but is your mind thinking clear on how to Attain what you have aspired for ?

  • Define your life goal and an action plan towards its achievement.
  • Organize your time & declutter.
  • Present yourself as a brand.
  • Manage your money.
  • Use social media purposefully.

Personal Branding

You may be academically bright and exceptionally skilled; it is crucial to present your credentials to the potential employers in a way so  as to demonstrate the value that you bring to the role by virtue of your skills and abilities.

  • We develop your awareness about how your strengths can add value to the job you are  interviewed for.
  • We help you to present your credentials in the right way.
  • You will develop the confidence to face interviews.
  • You will learn the technique of matching your credentials with the employer requirements

How to search for jobs

Successful job search requires an understanding of  the nature of jobs, right employers and the use of online platforms. We will help you to

  • Use the right social media and online platforms for job search.
  • Know the appropriate key words and create your profile.
  • Identify the right mix of skills, industry and organizations.

Preparing for Interview

Appearing in interviews requires one to anticipate the type of questions that are asked and to subsequently present one’s skills and abilities to the interviewer in a manner that demonstrates the candidate’s fitment for the role. This module will guide you

  • To know the expected questions and the ways to answer.
  • To crack the group discussions
  • To write an impressive resume.

Problem Solving

Real world problems differ from academic problems and require a pragmatic approach to be dealt with. We prepare you to

  • Solve problems using analytical thinking
  • Learn stepwise guide to analytical thinking.
  • Internalize the steps to problem solving.
  • Solve problems through critical thinking.

Being Adaptable

Business environments and even life situations are volatile. Ability to adapt to changes and ride over them is a crucial factor that determines the survival of the fittest. The participants will learn;

  • The ways to boost adaptability.
  • To cope with the rapidly changing environment at work and in life.
  • To assess their own adaptability.

Communicating Impressively

Right communication skills are the backbone of any fruitful association. Successful entrepreneurs are characterised by measured and impactful communication skills.  In this course you will learn;

  • Your communication profile.
  • Do’s and don’ts of formal communication.
  • Right  body language.
  • Words that create positive impression.

Making Powerful Presentations

Presentation skills form a part of most of the jobs. A skill, employers actively look for. We teach you to;

  • Create a power point presentation.
  • Use appropriate verbal communication & body language while presenting.
  • Overcome your fear and  nervousness.

Personal Grooming

The way you appear to others goes a long way in forming an opinion about you at the workplace. Such opinion impacts  your access to various opportunities. We teach you;

  • To dress appropriately in formal settings.
  • Personal hygiene tips.
  • To make a powerful first impact.
  • The right body language.

Building Powerful Relationships

Success is never achieved solo. Relationships with superiors, subordinates or peers define one’s chances of success and growth in organizations or as an entrepreneur. We will help you to learn;

  • To deal with conflicts at workplace.
  • To building rapport with co-workers.
  • Learn seven behaviours that make you assertive at workplace.

Being Customer Centric

Businesses exist for customers and because of customers. Fresh graduates need to understand the importance of being customer friendly to enable the business to grow so as to ensure the longevity of their jobs. This module helps participants to learn;

  • The significance of their role from customer point of view.
  • What customers expect.
  • How to deal with customers to ensure high levels of satisfaction.

Gaining business insights

Being contemporary and updated about the developments in business and economic environment is a key determinant for grabbing the limited opportunities in the competitive job market. We help you to

  • Learn the latest about industry and business.
  • Know what employers expect ?
  • The trending skills and professions to work in.
  • Our courses are researched and contemporary, in line with the present-day industry requirements.
  • Programs are conducted by industry professionals with international education and experience having worked in multiple functions at senior positions.
  • Our faculty is handpicked for their passion about guiding the youth.
  • Our courses equip with skills to land up in desired jobs.
  • We prepare learners to sustain the volatility and challenges posed by  modern day careers.
  • At the end of the program, our learners develop a positive opinion about their self-worth which leads to greater self-confidence.
  • Our program is based on the premise that every individual has inherent strengths. We help individuals to identify these strengths and guide them to make career choices while harnessing their strengths for success and growth.
  • Every individual is unique and requires specific attention  from  mentors/teachers for self-development. Our coaches and mentors give personal attention to the learners to guide them.
  • We use practical experience-based cases and activities to drive concepts in interactive ways.

1.How will R V Learning  programs help and how are they different from other courses?

Our programs are different because we simulate challenges and problems based on real-world scenarios and give students a chance to understand the world they are entering and be prepared for it before they are thrown in headfirst. Our courses are well researched and contemporary, driven by faculties who have vast industry experience and education from top Universities of the world. Above all we give personalized attention to each learner.

2. How will it help in finding my first job?

The program will train you on ways to do job search online. You will learn about the interview questions and how to answer them. You will also be taught how to make an impressive resume.

3. What are the main contents of this course?

The program develops you as a person with well rounded personality and prepares you for modern day workplace. Given the volatility and uncertainty in the economy and in business we make the learners develop their critical and analytic thinking and problem-solving skills. The program also teaches  them how to be  adaptable in the face of change and collaborative with peers and colleagues.

4.Will this program help me in developing my personality ?

Yes, the course will teach basic grooming for outward appearance and the appropriate body language and verbal communication. Additionally, all the aspects in point number 3 develop your personality to deal not just with career but also life.

5.Can you customize a program for our University/College?

Yes, our program is flexible in terms of its content and duration. We customize based on the level of students and their potential career streams.

6. I am an individual learner can I join your course?

Yes, we run batches through online mode in  live classes.

We trained 2000 students in 2019 – 20