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Amarnath Vaishnavi
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Amarnath Vaishnavi Scholarship

About the Scholarship

We invite aspiring and ambitious students to apply for this scholarship which has been instituted in the name of a visionary who spent his life empowering people through education. This scholarship will pay the annual tuition fee of the student, which will be directly paid in the account of the educational institution in which the student is studying.

Scholarship Recipients – 2020
About Shri Amarnath Vaishnavi

Amarnath Vaishnavi was a freedom fighter and a social worker who believed in education as an enabler which emancipates people from the vicious cycle of poverty. His major contribution in the field of education was to rehabilitate the terrorism hit children in J&K, who lost their homes when there was a mass exodus on account of violence in Kashmir Valley. He convinced Mr. Bala Saheb Thackrey in Maharashtra in the early nineties to reserve seats for displaced Kashmiri students in educational institutions in Maharashtra. Later he and his team convinced Mr. Murali Manohar Joshi, then Minister of Human Resource development, to extend the arrangement to the other states. He negotiated with the J&K government to start camp schools and colleges for the displaced children in the year 1990, when people had to leave their homes in Kashmir and migrate to the other parts of the country. This helped in the rehabilitation of the youth and changed their lives forever. His contribution is visible today in the prosperity of those children who are now adults and living prosperous lives.

He was a freedom fighter as a teenager. He would pass on the letters , carrying important communication between freedom fighters and no one ever suspected him, since he was too young. In 1947, after India got independence and Indian army needed to land in Kashmir , after the signing of the annexation agreement, he along with his friends helped in preparing a base for the landing of the army aircrafts.

After the exodus of Kashmiri Pandits from Kashmir valley in 1990, Amarnath Vaishnavi, set up Kashmir Sahayata Samiti, along with his trusted colleagues. Sahayata Samiti , worked under his leadership, to provide tents to begin with and small one room apartments later for the displaced Pandits. He was a conduit between the government and the people. He negotiated with the government to release a monthly subsistence payment to the traders and farmers who had lost their source of livelihood. He arranged to convert the government schools and colleges into camp colleges and schools so that the displaced children could attend school in the second half of the day after the classes for local students were over. His focus was clear, he wanted Pandit kids to focus on getting good education so that they led a purposeful life, without being adversely impacted by the tragedy which had in realty shaken their lives.

He had been honoured with the sobriquet,” father of Kashmiri Pandit Community” by the entire community , which he always considered as his extended family. He felt their pain to the core of his heart, which was his motivation behind working for the good of the people.His slogan “Jaikara Har Har Mahadev” still reverberates in the air whenever he is remembered in any social gathering even today.

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